Championship winning driver and award winning coach, Jim Daniels

Anyone can read a book and get a job teaching at a popular driving school.  That may be fine for the enthusiasts but to be a serious racer you need an experienced and accomplished coach.  That is the service I offer.


I’m a professional racer and Mazda Ladder System Alumni via winning a MX5 Cup Championship.   Also, I’m an award winning driving coach, vehicle setup guru and professional race team program manager.  

The intent of this service is to provide relevant, contemporary driver development training.  

My emphasis is momentum based and includes all aspects of racing on and off track.  From basic physics and car control to the advanced data and setup engineering skills needed at the top levels of road racing.  

Combine this with my real world experiences on track, off track, in front of the camera and with sponsors and you would be hard pressed to find any other coaching/mentoring/driver development programs that compare.  

The goal of this service is result driven.  Faster lap times, better qualifying positions, improved finishing averages, better safety awareness and media posturing.    


Contact me TODAY for your video & data coaching, simulator training, in person/direct coaching, team consulting or program management.
jim@jimdaniels (dot) com  901-351-8494