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I started consulting/coaching for one reason, to help fellow enthusiasts improve their knowledge and skill in our sport.  I starting in Karting and over my 31 years of racing I’ve owned amateur and professional teams, won races and championships in over 20 classes and have become a TV personality due to my experiences.  Outside my own driving I co-founded the club Spec Miata series,  founded the professional Spec Miata and now MX5 Cup series and co wrote the rules for three additional club and professional racing classes (SM5, Bspec, GTW Mustangs).  Along the way I’ve had the good fortune to meet, befriend and race with some of the top names in the game, a who’s who list of  drivers, crew chiefs, engineers, team owners and manufacturers.   The bright spot for me is that I have not just been looking in,  I’ve been lucky enough to have the talent to be at the front as a driver, through my students and as a leader in the sport.   The relationships and experiences from those 31 years of racing is an invaluable resource, a resource I enjoy sharing.

Also in those 31 years I’ve been sort of a “tech nerd”.   I’m a gadget addict, instrumented rated pilot, yachtsman and simulator racing nut.   Those curiosities greatly helped me in racing with the explosion of Data Acquisition and Internet based Simulator Racing/Training.   Today, we would not think of teaching a student without first viewing a lap generated by a logging program, an in-car camera or on the simulator.  My coaching capitalizes on these new technologies available today.


I merged these various backgrounds to create a unique training experience.  Drawing on the pioneering work done in Airplane Pilot and Golf Coaching/Training I utilize a unique and low cost approach to driver coaching.   With interactive briefings, simulation training and remote data analysis, I’m able to service clients at a much greater speed and at a fraction of the cost of traditional “‘at track” options.   This is not for everyone so of course I offer the full track-side consulting/coaching options as well.  My track-side program goes much further than watching at turns and looking at data/video.  I place cameras in the car to watch the driver for idiosyncrasies that I have learned lead to poor lap times, poor race craft etc…  I then assign drills via simulator and daily driving to correct these issues, home work I guess you could say.  The combinations of service via my unique approach are endless.

From looking at one lap on YouTube and offering suggestions to being retained to hire an entire team for a pro race effort, I perform these tasks daily and can tailor an effort for you too.

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