Driver and Crew coaching through a unique blend of highly effective, technology leveraged and economical practices!



  • Scheduled webinars demonstrating, in very painstaking detail, the proper, proven line and effective race strategies for major North American tracks
  • Providing evaluation and strategies for improvement through individual briefings or small-group web conference sessions by critiquing data and video
  • Phone-in and internet coaching to assist a driver or crew member, REAL-TIME, with improvements to technique and setup (by advance appointment)
  • Tailored, individual and highly effective simulation training on our private iRacing® servers
  • Track-side coaching and training programs for the most intensive driver development including driver physical corrections (hand and foot work) via video review
  • Season-long, “A to Z” consulting packages to improve your team, crew and driver performance
  • Program management.  You want to race??  Don’t know where to start??  Call me, I will find the team, negotiate the fees, help with sponsors and oversee it all including the driver training


Get a PDF overview of my program here! Coachingmain2014 


Sample of a private room coaching session.

There are many driving schools and “coaches” to choose from today. The decision can be difficult, especially for the inexperienced. 

My mission is to provide real world training gained from my own championship winning programs.  Only established, trained and experienced pros can truly teach those seeking the same accolades.  

The information I provide is derived from practical experience, “best practices” planned and executed and supported by the best outcomes along with proven results. 

I represent professional team owners, drivers, crew and other coaches, making my training “a cut above” any other individual or service. 

I understand the financial part of this sport better than most.  I spent over 2 million dollars on my personal racing and take the consultation I provide my clients in this area very seriously.   The commitment that it takes to participate in this sport can be staggering and my commitment to my clients is that not on penny of their funds will be wasted in a program I manage.   

If you want to improve your performance, better manage your program, and start winning, join me and lets accomplish all your racing goals together!